JR 2008 logo Ride Report
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JR 2008 Starting group JR 2008 Anne Fick and Pat Keppel JR 2008 Bob Olson and Marily Durand
  click on a picture to see full size Riders at Minnehaha State Park on a cool, sunny morn Anne Fick and Pat Keppel, sag wagons, check communications Bob Olson can't ride, but he encourages Marilyn Durand
JR 2008 Chuck Fick JR 2008 Peter, Giselle, John take a break JR 2008 Cedar Lake break JR 2008 Giselle JR 2008 Stuart asleep
Coming into the halfway break, Chuck Fick leads Peter Durand, daughter Giselle, and John Durand take a break Another break near Cedar Lake Age 9, Giselle rode the distance, a first for a young rider Her brother Stuart couldn't stay awake for the ride to the park
JR 2008 JR is five years old JR 2008 Chowing down      
Alice Keppel baked a special cake to celebrate JohnnyRide's 5th birthday Guests and riders enjoyed an outdoor meal at the Pavillion