JR 2011 logo Ride Report
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JR 2011 Welcome sign JR 2011 Sag wagon JR 2011 poster
  click on a picture to see full size A welcome to a new JohnnyRide headquarters Pat Keppel's sag wagon loaded for set-up The JohnnyRide poster get placed around locally
JR 2011 Andrew Keppel JR 2011 Buffet layout JR 2011 Kitchen crew JR 2011 Raffle prizes JR 2011 Hayride
Andrew Keppel was first back - he hardly broke a sweat Meantime, the kitchen crew laid out a generous buffet Whoops! Forgot a serving spoon back at the Olson house As always, the donated raffle prizes were creative, and generous Something new for the kids - a hayride around Carr Creek Ranch
JR 2011 Hayride sun JR 2011 Stu with GB football      
A hayride in the fall sun is soporific Stuart Durand won the Green Bay Packers football!