JR 2012 logo Ride Report
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JR 2012 blue bike at Carr Creek Ranch JR 2012 Pat Keppel JR 2012 Young Riders
click on a picture to see full size The blue bike and blue and white balloons welcome all to JohnnyRide 2012 Inveterate sag wagon master Pat Keppel fills tires before the ride Young riders who go as far as they want have become a fixture at JohnnyRides
JR 2012 Patricia Durand JR 2102 Harvey Baird JR 2012 Ellen Olson JR 2012 MC Peter Durand JR 2012 Giselle and Ella
Patricia Durand goes the distance every time! So impressive! Harvey Baird zips around the route with aplomb when he rides. Ellen Olson is a determined rider. One year she rode the distance with a broken foot. Before a backdrop of JR scholarship winners, MC Peter Durand makes a point. They are cousins and best friends, so Ella Durand helps Giselle Durand display her new braces.
JR 2012 Young beauties JR 2012 Jack and Anna JR 2012 Alice and others
Three young beauties in the hay wagon: Libby Keppel, Audrey Evans-McFarland, and Libby's sister, Elle. Jack and Anna Webber put the finishing touches on the BBQ ribs they donated and prepared Kitchen manager Alice Keppel in pink cap visits with (l to r) Mike Durand, Paul Durand, Janice Durand, and Andrew Keppel