JR 2016 logo Ride Report
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Michelle and Patricia 2016 Line up
click on a picture to see full size Mother and daughter, Michelle Miller and Patricia Durand Ready to go on a chilly, overcast morning that turned sunny and cool.
 Anna Webber and Alice Keppel  Marilyn Durand and Luke Swelland Paul Swelland and Andrea Russell and Owen Roloff Five guys

Meanwhile, Anna Webber and Alice Keppel staff the registration desk and sell raffle tickets.


Marilyn Durand rides in with Luke Swelland Paul Swelland rides in with daughter Andrea. Good job!

 Russell Roloff and son Owen celebrate the end of the ride

Mark Vaughn, Paul Durand, Peter Durand, Drew Cureton, Mike Miller also celebrate


Raffle prizes and awardees Owen Roloff with GB football      

Donated raffle items are laid out in front of a growing display of JohnnyRide scholars.


Owen Roloff poses with his GB Packers football with MC Peter Durand and dad Russell Roloff